Consuming wcf service in c#

All you have to do is build the XML string definition of the method "X" and send it to the wcf service on the RESTFUL endpoint address you have given that method i.e. ‘http:\\…\myservice.svc\GetContact’ and the response is the XML result (or json if you changed it). Then parse the xml to find the node … Read more

Silverlight consuming wcf service

Step 2: Create a Silverlight WCF client. Create a Silverlight application to consume the WCF. You need a button to subscribe or unsubscribe service, and a listbox to display the weather report from service. Create a new Silverlight project CSSL4WCFNetTcp. In the New Silverlight Application dialog box, you need to check the Host the Silverlight … Read more

Consuming wcf service using javascript

Consuming the WCF Service using JavaScript. In this section, we’ll create the scripting code to consume the service in the web form page. Proceed with the following structure: Step 1: Open the Service.svc file in the browser and copy the object name as in the following: 5. "Use [a WebScriptEndpoint] when you are writing a … Read more

Consuming wcf service library

This topic describes how you can deploy a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service Library Project. Deploying a WCF Service Library. A WCF service library is a dynamic-link library (DLL). As such, it cannot be executed on its own. It needs to be deployed into a hosting environment. For more information about this process, see Hosting … Read more

Consuming wcf service in java

Go to Content View > right-click Service.svc > click Browse: Step 3: Consume WCF Service in Java client. Tools Used: Eclipse Indigo, Apache … On the client-side, we usually call the WCF service by using a client proxy unless the WCF service is Restful style, by calling with a simply Http request. The client authentication … Read more