Creating and consuming web services in c#

Steps to create web application: Add new empty ASP.Net application (RKWebProject) to the solution (WebServiceSolutionSample). Add web service reference to this project (Add as a web reference). Create a Home.aspx page to access the web service. Home.aspx designer code.

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How to add a web service to a solution?

Go to Solution Explorer, then select the solution then click on "Add new item". Choose the Web Service template. Enter the name (for example: Airthmatic.cs) then click on "Add".

How to create a web service in Visual Studio Code?

This web service has three methods: Take the following steps to create the web service: Step (1) : Select File -> New -> Web Site in Visual Studio, and then select ASP.NET Web Service. Step (2) : A web service file called Service.asmx and its code behind file, Service.cs is created in the App_Code directory of the project.

What is web services in ASP NET?

ASP.NET – Web Services. A web service is a web-based functionality accessed using the protocols of the web to be used by the web applications.

How do I test a web service in visual web developer?

Now, you can test the Web service in Visual Web Developer. In Solution Explorer, click Convert.asmx, and then press CTRL+F5. The Web service is invoked and a page appears in the browser that shows the methods that are exposed by the Web service.

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