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2. Now in the Add Service Reference Dialog you need to click on the Advanced button. 3. In the Service Reference Settings Dialog you need to click on Add Web Reference button. 4. Now in the Add Web Reference Dialog you need to add the URL of the Web Service and click the Green Go button to discover it. Once the Web Service is discovered, give …

Now create a Windows Form Application and design your form as in the following screen. Add a web reference to the Application. Go to Solution Explorer then select the solution then click on "Add Service Reference". it will open an window. Then click on Advanced button on that window. A new window will open. then click on "Add Web Reference".

Consuming Web Services from a Win Forms Application

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I am attempting to consume a web service from within a Windows Forms application, by adding the URL as a Service Reference in Visual Studio. The web service is hosted on a remote (customer) intranet to which I am connected over a VPN connection. I am expecting to call various methods on the web service and use the returned XML data in the …

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