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3. Really, there shouldn’t much different from consuming a web service over HTTP. The big thing is that the process calling the web service will have to trust the server’s SSL certificate. If the certificate was purchased from a well-known certificate-issuing authority, this usually isn’t a problem. Otherwise, the client will want to either …

To consume an external web service, you must first create a service reference for it in a Microsoft Visual Studio project, and then add it to the AOT using Visual Studio Tools. After creating a reference to the external web service, you can write code to invoke it from X++ and see the available methods with IntelliSense.

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In the next section, we will consume a Web service written in a foreign language, but right now we should start by consuming the CmInch Web services we wrote in the previous section using C++Builder 6 itself. A Web …

First ensure you are current on IWS PTFs: Link to latest IWS PTFs. There are 2 options to consume a web service behind an SSL connection: A. WITHOUT a certificate. or. B. WITH a certificate. The following are examples of calling the API’s from RPGLE. The code should be added prior to making a call to the Web service in the client application.

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