Consumer psychology in financial services

Financial services firms should begin to shape consumer behavior rather than respond to it. Consider an individual shopping for life insurance. The process can take weeks or even months—definitely much longer than it should even for a healthy, relatively young nonsmoker. Even when there are no issues in obtaining coverage, this standard persists.

Financial psychology is the study of the mind and behavior as it relates to spending, saving, and investing decisions. Financial psychologists apply …

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Consumer psychology is a specialty area that studies how our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and perceptions influence how we buy and relate to …

Professionals in the financial services industry build up this trust with consumers, helping them to invest and save their hard earned cash. Representing their banks, credit card companies, credit unions, and investment companies, these individuals know first hand the psychological importance of trust in financial relationships.

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What is financial psychology and client psychology?

The field takes into account both individual differences in money-related behaviors and decisions as well as client psychology, that is, the application of psychology in the context of an individual’s relationship with a financial professional.

What is the field of Consumer Psychology?

This field is often considered a sub-specialty of industrial-organizational psychology and is also known as the psychology of consumer behavior or the psychology of marketing. Consumer psychologists study a variety of topics including: How consumers choose businesses, products, and services.

What research methods are used in consumer psychology?

Research Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors. Consumer psychologists often conduct research to learn more about buyer behavior. Common research methods used by these professionals include experiments, phone surveys, focus groups, direct observations, and questionnaires.

What entry-level jobs can you get with a consumer psychology degree?

Most entry-level jobs in consumer psychology require at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Entry-level jobs with a bachelor’s degree typically involve planning, conducting, and interpreting the results of market research campaigns.

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