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Consumer Ombudsman now part of Ombudsman Services What is Ombudsman Services? We’re approved to review complaints across a range of sectors including energy and communications. We can also handle matters regarding non-regulated sectors such as parking on private land appeals (POPLA).

The Consumer Ombudsman acts as a liaison between consumers and the CPSC, helping to provide information and transparency about the regulatory process. The Consumer Ombudsman can also serve as an educator for consumers wishing to become more involved in the regulatory process, and as a guide for victims who wish to collaborate with the agency on specific …

Ombudsman Services: Here to Help You Resolve Your …

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Hello, we’re Ombudsman Services. We resolve disputes between consumers and companies that are signed up to our scheme. Our service is free, impartial and simple to use. About us Before you can submit a complaint to us you should have: Logged a formal complaint with your provider. Worked with your provider to resolve the complaint.

The Consumer Ombudsman Department is here to work with you to research and resolve these situations. First-time issues should be directed to the SPS Customer Service Department at …

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What does ombudsman services do?

They handle complaints about government agencies, seek resolution and carry out investigations and inspections. They give feedback and guidance to agencies to help them improve, and initiate wider investigations where they see the need. The Ombudsman is independent from both government and the public.

How ombudsman services can help you?

We can help you:Access IDD services.Answer questions about programs and providers.Find a way to solve problems with your services.Understand your rights, including: Exercising the same rights as other Texans. Participating in decisions about your services. Changing providers at any time. Complaining about your services.Connect to other resources.

How do I contact an ombudsman?

​Contact UsDepartment of Health Care Services Office of the OmbudsmanHours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PST; excluding holidaysBy Phon​e: 1-888-452-8609By email*: [email protected]

How can an ombudsman help you?

What could you expect from a resolution:An apology.An explanation of what went wrong.A practical action to correct the problem.A financial award (subject to a limit).Recommendations to the company to avoid similar problems happening again.

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