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John Spacey, . Consumer services are services that are sold to individuals. Services are goods that derive much of their value from intangible elements that can’t be touched such as an experience, outcome or process. The following are common types of consumer services.

A consumerobject assemblage emerges from four types of interactions involving parts and wholes: 1) consumer-centric part-part interactions between consumers and objects, … An Amazon Dash Replenishment Service–enabled printer not only reorders when its own printer cartridge is low, but can also collectively report the toner levels and usage …

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Consumers. People who use goods and services to satisfy their wants. Convenience products. Consumer goods and services purchased quickly and without much thought or effort. Economic goods. Physical objects that are useful, scarce, and transferable and which satisfy economic wants. Economic services. Productive acts that are useful, scarce, and transferable and which …

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