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Guarantee of acceptable quality in supply of gas and electricity: 7B: Relationship of section 7A with rest of Act: 8: Guarantees as to fitness for particular purpose: 9: Guarantee that goods comply with description: 10: Guarantee that goods comply with sample: 11: Guarantee as to price: 12: Guarantee as to repairs and spare parts: 13: Express …

6 Guarantee as to acceptable quality. (1) Subject to section 41, where goods are supplied to a consumer there is a guarantee that the goods are of acceptable quality. (2) Where the goods fail to comply with the guarantee in this section,—. (a) Part 2 may give the consumer a right of redress against the supplier; and.

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The Consumer Guarantees Act ( CGA) 1993 is a consumer protection law that was enacted in New Zealand in 1993. The law corrected shortcomings over its predecessor The Sale of Goods Act 1908 . Contents 1 Differences over the Sales of Goods Act 2 Guarantees for goods 3 References 4 External links Differences over the Sales of Goods Act

The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) applies to consumers buying things in New Zealand, and businesses selling products or services in New Zealand. A consumer is anyone who buys products or services that are ordinarily for personal or household use. The ordinary use may change over time, eg computers are now commonly used for personal use.

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