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The average Texan has $5,173 worth of credit card debt, and may be in need of credit consulting services. Through ACCC, residents of Texas can receive financial counseling and debt advice, free of charge. There is also a debt management plan offered to qualified individuals. There is no obligation to the accredited credit counseling offered by ACCC. Residents of Texas can call our …

Consumer Credit Counseling Dallas TX- get the professional help you need and deserve today. Call us now at 888-989-0608.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Dallas, TX

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service Credit & Debt Counseling Website 48 YEARS IN BUSINESS (866) 921-3519 8737 King George Dr Ste 200 Dallas, TX 75235 2. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas Inc Credit & Debt Counseling Bankruptcy Services (972) 387-2227 100 N Central Expy Dallas, TX 75201 3.

ACCC Dallas: 1717 McKinney Ave Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75202 Phone: 214-459-2825. Office Hours: Office hours vary by location. For our local branches, please be sure to call ahead to schedule an appointment. Have you spoken to one of our credit counselors or been through our debt management program? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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Who funds consumer credit counseling services?

They make it easier for customers to get the funds they … borrower. Try credit counseling Credit counselors provide free budgeting assistance and other financial services.

What does consumer credit counseling service offer?

Your credit score is calculated by a few things:Number of accounts openNew creditAge of creditDebt-to-credit ratioPayment history

Is credit counseling bad for your credit?

The persistent myth that credit counseling hurts your credit is found across many industries, from mortgage and auto lenders to banking and even financial planning. The truth is participation in a credit counseling debt management plan has not been a factor in your FICO credit score since the last century.

What does consumer credit counseling do?

Credit counseling teaches consumers about credit, budgeting, money management, and debt management. The counselor ensures that consumers can pay off their debts without declaring bankruptcy. Counselors also assist the negotiator, who negotiates with creditors on behalf of their clients to reduce interest rates on outstanding debt.

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