Consumer complaints about paypal customer service

Original review: . I have used Paypal for years, mostly in connection with eBay, but I recently purchased a product using Paypal that turned out not be as advertised and merchant was …

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How To File PayPal Complaints Hassle-Free

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Ways To Reach PayPal Customer Service With Your Complaint; Website; Resolution Center Phone 1 (888) 221-1161; Email [email protected]; Twitter Ask PayPal; Facebook

To submit a formal complaint to PayPal: Go to our Customer Service page. On the right, under ‘Contact PayPal’, click Email Us. Enter your details and click Log In, or if you can’t …

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How do I file a complaint to PayPal?

Fill out your state required forms. …Formally file your complaint with the court. …Legally “serve” PayPal. …On the day of your hearing, head to the courthouse with copies of your filed forms and any evidence you have which can include previous conversations or emails exchanged with …

How do I open a dispute PayPal?

Negotiate with the seller to resolve the situation.While you’re negotiating, PayPal places a hold on any funds related to the disputed transaction.When you open your dispute, PayPal sends the seller an email notification. You should receive a response from the buyer within seven days.From the day you open your dispute, you have 20 days to negotiate. …

How to dispute a charge with PayPal?

Log in to your PayPal account.Go to the Resolution Center.Click View under Action next to your case.Respond to the buyer, making sure to include any relevant information (such as package tracking information), and then click Post Message.

How long to dispute PayPal charge?

Your transaction is marked either eligible or partially eligible. …Your primary residence listed in your PayPal account is in the U.S.The item is a physical, tangible good that can be shipped.You ship the item to the shipping address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page.

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