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CCTS – Providing Cloud and Enterprise applications globally. toggle navigation. ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS. IBM Solutions; ENTERPRISE PRODUCTIVITY. … Consumer Cloud Technology Services Private Limited Level 42, Suntec Temasek Boulevard, Singapore Email: [email protected] Phone: +65 6829 2127. Contact Us …

CCTS – Providing Cloud and Enterprise applications globaly. IT Administrative …


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What is the best cloud service?

Automatic and continuous API discovery and app topologyAutomatic and continuous API risk scoringProtection from OWASP & OWASP API Top 10, and emerging threatsUser attribution and user behavior anomalies, andGranular data access visibility

What is the best cloud service for a business?

What is the Best Cloud Storage?Dropbox. Best overall software for cloud storage ($15 per user per month). …Google Drive. Best for safeguarding your data ($1.99 per month). …iDrive. Best cloud storage tool for taking backups ($74.62 for 250 GB of storage). …Microsoft OneDrive. …Apple iCloud. …Zoolz. …Nextcloud. …Icedrive. …LiveDrive. …BackBlaze Business Cloud Storage. …

Who are the top 10 managed cloud service providers?

Managed Cloud Service Provider Comparison. This article will now discuss the pros and cons across the following ten providers; Accenture, ANS, Apps Associates LLC, Cognizant, Equinix, IBM, Infosys, Lumen, NTT and Rackspace. Each offers similar services and solutions and all have the same objective of making your life easier when it comes to …

What are the best cloud computing services?

The best cloud storage servicesiDrive cloud storage. IDrive stores your files in the cloud, even those on network drives. …pCloud cloud storage. pCloud is one of the very few cloud services that offer lifetime subscriptions; you essentially get a virtual, permanent cloud drive.Backblaze cloud storage. …Icedrive cloud storage. …NordLocker cloud storage. …Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. …

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