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Explore available cell phones and plans from Consumer Cellular. Stay in touch with affordable, no-risk cell plans and phones from Consumer Cellular. Attention: By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies. Cookies allow us to customize your experience when using our site. … “#1 in Customer Service among Wireless Value MVNOs …

Over the Phone: call (888) 345-5509 (888) 345-5509; Online: log in to My …

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Download the free My CC mobile app for easy, on-demand access to your …

You can now find us in many convenient retail stores, including select Walmart …

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How to contact Consumer Cellular?

GetHuman features available:Current hold timeRemind me when call center opensFastest way to talk to a real Consumer Cellular repPro tips & talking points

What cell phone company offers the best service?

Best cell phone providers 2021: Top rated carriers and networksVerizon Wireless: Best cell phone provider overall. Verizon Wireless is our best cell phone provider for 2021. …T-Mobile: Best provider for 5G. T-Mobile offers some of the fastest 4G LTE in the US as well as 5G nationwide coverage. …Visible: Best prepaid carrier. …AT&T Wireless: America’s most popular network. …

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What phones are available from Consumer Cellular?

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How reliable is Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular piggybacks on two GSM-based networks: AT&T and T-Mobile. That gives the carrier nationwide reach and fairly dependable service, as both AT&T and T-Mobile rated highly in our …

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