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Auctioneers must be able to think quickly and be good with numbers, have an engaging personality, and a professional demeanor. Auctioneers must describe the property, explain the contract features, and answer any questions before the bidding starts. Auctioneers must either be a licensed real estate agent, or employed as an agent’s representative.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS), a division of the South Australian Government’s Attorney-General’s Department, provides a diverse range of services to:protect consumerssupport and regulate businessrecord significant life events for South Australians.CBS is customer focused and flexible in its activities and provides accessible services and information.CBS Strategic Plan

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You can get married at our modern offices in the Adelaide CBD. Consumer and Business Services offers a modern marriage room if you would like a simple ceremony performed by our marriage celebrants. You can check your bond status online. You can use Residential Bonds Online (RBO) to check whether a bond is lodged or track the progress of a bond …

Contact information for Business units within Consumer and Business Affairs. My Account … Contacts; Consumer and Business Services; Consumer and Business Services

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What are the different roles available in the real estate industry?

WILLIAMS MEDIA takes a look at the different roles available in the real estate industry. Sales agents work for vendors to sell their property. Agents can be involved in a range of tasks within an agency, or they can focus on one or two tasks, depending on the size of the agency.

How do I contact consumer and business services?

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) has a single phone number for all sections – phone 131 882.

What is a real estate support job?

Support staff in a real estate business can perform a range of duties, from reception to receiving rent, to typing, and can be an excellent way to learn about the business, and a great first step on your real estate career path. Visit RECON Jobs to view real estate support roles.

What does a real estate sales agency do?

Larger agencies tend to employ specialists, for example, they may hire a copywriter to write marketing materials. The responsibilities of sales agents include appraising properties, marketing properties, arranging inspections, negotiating sales, and coordinating legal work.

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