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Consumer behaviour in a service context 159 Grahams HD:Users:Graham:Public:GRAHAM’S IMAC JOBS:13492 – EE – WELLS (EE1):M2910 – WELLS 9781849802444 PRINT Frontline …

This is because service delivery consists of a series of events that consumers experience as a performance (Grove, Fisk and John 2000; Baron, Harris and Harris 2003). Role theory and script …

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6.5 DISCUSSION. Consumer behaviour in the services context has increasingly attracted. research attention across all three stages of the consumption process. However, post- …

DOI: 10.4337/9781781005125.00012 Corpus ID: 147215674; Consumer Behavior in a Service Context @article{Tsiotsou2012ConsumerBI, title={Consumer Behavior in a Service Context}, …

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