Consumer behavior in services search experience and credence attributes

Dave Wieneke explains how companies can analyze data to determine their customers’ behavior. … select and recommend sources of good and services. … The model uses a continuum of three types of goods: Search, …

Search, experience and credence properties Search Qualities •attributes a consumer can determine prior to purchase of a product. Eg color, price, fit, feel Eg jewelry, cars clothing Experience Qualities •attributes a consumer can determine after purchase (or during consumption) of a product eg taste wear ability Eg vacations and restaurant meals

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Overview • How consumers seek, choose, purchase, experience and evaluate services • Two most important influences- consumers life stage and …

There are many aspects which are involved in consumer behavior in the time of service. They are, search behavior, experience cues, service gaps, credibility. So in these ways the consumer

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Why do buyers of credence goods rely on expert opinion?

Buyers of credence goods often rely on expert opinions to both assess their need, and to fix the situation they have diagnosed. In his article, Credence Goods and Fraudulent Experts, economist Winand Emons points out that “brake shoes changed prematurely work just as if the shoes replaced had been faulty”.

What are the factors that drive Customer sensitivity to service?

• Lasting service intensifiers: individual, stable factors which lead the customer to a heightened sensitivity to service- one most imp factors is “derived service expectation”- occur when customer expectation is driven by another person or group.

What do consumers really want in a service?

• Safety and security needs: incl shelter, protection and security. Consumers seek to provide for their own and their loved ones shelter, safety and security through many types of services.

What is the nature of customer exposure to service provider?

• The customers exposure to service provider takes a physical and tangible nature. • When customers visit the facility where service is being delivered , they enter a “service” factory. Eg hotel- is a lodging factory, hospital is a health treatment factory.

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