Consumer behavior in service marketing

1) The Product: Design, special feature, attributes, quality, package etc. of product create its own image in the minds of the consumers. Material ingredient of a product is also important in the process of product positioning. 2) The Company: The goodwill of a company lends an aura to its brand.

Consumer behavior in marketing is the response a target market exhibits to marketing materials. For instance, if someone in your target audience views one of your Facebook posts, how does he or she react? You already know that marketing and advertising are essential parts of running your own business. However, that’s only one side of the coin.

Consumer Behaviour in Service Marketing

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Consumer behaviour in service marketing. 1. Chapter 2: Customer Behavior in Service Marketing. 2. Understanding Customer Needs, Decision Making, and Behavior in Service Encounters Building the Service Model Managing the Customer Interface Implementing Profitable Service Strategies. 3. How consumers seek, choose, purchase, experience and evaluate services …

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