C# consume soap web service without web reference

1 Answer. Sorted by: 10. If for some reason you don’t want to create the WSDL file, the example below could be used to manually construct a SOAP HTTP request: var url = Settings.Default.URL; //’Web service URL’ var action = Settings.Default.SOAPAction; //the SOAP method/action name var soapEnvelopeXml = CreateSoapEnvelope (); var soapRequest …

Consuming SOAP Web Services. Consume a SOAP Web Service. Export definition files in a SOAP web service. Configure Web Service Authentication. … Logging levels reference for integrations. SAP. Integrate with a SAP System. Configure a SAP Connection at Runtime. Execute SAP Stateful Calls.

Perform a SOAP Request without WSDL, proxy or SoapClient

Official Site: https://www.ryadel.com/en/soap-web-service-request-asp-net-c-sharp-wsdl-proxy-soapclient/

parms.Add("ws_param_2", "web service parameter 2"); string result = SOAPHelper.SendSOAPRequest(url, action, parms, soapAction, false); As we can see, we’re issuing a sample request to an ASMX web service, which has a WSDL that will require a specific soapAction property value: whenever the SOAP Web Service you’re connecting to requires a …

To consume a Web service from an orchestration, you create a Web port and construct Web messages. You can use SOAP headers with the consumed Web service, change the URI of a consumed Web service, and dynamically set the URI for a consumed Web service. For information about configuring a SOAP receive handler, see How to Configure a SOAP …

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How do I consume a SOAP web service?

To consume a SOAP Web Service in your application, do the following: In the Logic tab, open the Integrations folder. Right-click the SOAP element and select Consume SOAP Web Service… In the displayed dialog, specify the location of the Web Service definition (WSDL) and click OK.

Can I call a SOAP-based web service without using the WSDL?

However, there could be some edge-case scenarios where you want (or need) to call a SOAP-based web service without using the WSDL and/or the Add Service Reference Visual Studio feature, maybe because you can’t possibly put the code bloat it produces into your code base.

How do I use the SOAP web service in an action flow?

Go to the action flow where you want to use the Web Service Method. In the Logic tab, open the Integrations folder and SOAP element. Open the SOAP Web Service and drag the Web Service Method into your action flow. Was this article helpful?

Which helper class to send custom soap requests?

When such need arises, the following helper class might be precisely what you’re looking for: C# using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Net; using System.Xml; namespace Ryadel.Web.SOAP { /// <summary> /// Helper class to send custom SOAP requests.

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